Ozone Therapy

Holistic Dental Spa New Jersey

If you suffer from periodontal or gum disease, and you’ve tried multiple treatments with little to no success, Ozone Therapy might be the treatment for you. Ozone therapy is used as an antibacterial treatment for oral infections. When used accordingly, Ozone Therapy can help to kill up to 99% of bacteria in the mouth. 

When you have gum disease you can experience inflammation, bleeding, chronic bad breath, loose teeth, and the potential to lose your teeth and even experience decay in your jaw bone. This is a serious health issue that can have a domino effect on your general health. 

Ozone Therapy kills the bad bacteria and saves the good bacteria, leaving you with healthy and pain-free gums. It is a minimally invasive treatment, providing quick results, and it is also hypoallergenic for those who have reactions to other periodontal treatments. This therapy also helps to fortify teeth, and reduces root sensitivity, doesn’t harm the healthy parts of your teeth and gums.

We believe in treating the whole body, not just your mouth, teeth and gums. We understand the importance of providing each patient with the personalized treatment they deserve.