Amalgam Removal

Holistic Dental Spa New Jersey

Amalgam is used by many dentists to fill in holes caused by tooth decay, yet, alagam contains 50% Mercury.  Mercury is a very toxic element that can spread throughout the body via the digestive tract and can have painful, long-lasting effects.  We take care to remove this harmful filler and replace it with ceramic inlays which will give you an effective fix without the dangerous health effects.

The dental amalgam metal that is put into patients’ mouths is made up of 50% Mercury, 35% Silver and 15% other materials such as copper, nickel, tin, and zinc. Mercury is the 3rd most toxic element known to man.  There are many side effects that can come from keeping these fillings in your mouth. Headaches, migraines, depression or other mental health disorders, rheumatic disorders, visual disorders and even loss of memory are some of the effects that the amalgam can cause. 

We will safely and properly remove the amalgam from your mouth and you will experience detoxification.  The detoxification will help your immune system and your body will no longer be affected by the amalgam and harmful metals it contains.  We will then replace the fillings with ceramic inlays. The ceramic inlays are harmless and have very little side effects or cause adverse reactions.

We believe in treating the whole body, not just your mouth, teeth and gums. We understand the importance of providing each patient with the personalized treatment they deserve.