A Glance At Our Therapies

A Glance At
Our Therapies

Full mouth reconstruction means transforming your smile to how you want to look and feel.  If you have missing teeth, harmful metals in your mouth, suffer from periodontal disease, or went through a traumatic mouth event. We will perform therapies that combine general dentistry, holistic dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry.

At Holistic Dental Spa we use metal-free ceramic implants.  Made of zirconium oxide, these ceramic implants are a superior alternative to the commonly used titanium implants.  There is very little risk for allergic reactions or intolerance to this material and it has been shown to be a sturdy implant even after a decade of wear and tear.

Amalgam is used by many dentists to fill in holes caused by tooth decay, yet, alagam contains 50% Mercury.  Mercury is a very toxic element that can spread throughout the body via the digestive tract and can have painful, long-lasting effects.  We take care to remove this harmful filler and replace it with ceramic inlays which will give you an effective fix without the dangerous health effects.

A healthy smile is a happy smile. However, many want to achieve a bright, white smile that they can show off with confidence.  By also providing aesthetic dentistry along with general dentistry we can help our patients achieve the healthy, white smile they’ve always wanted. We offer treatments to whiten teeth, treat gums and improve the overall aesthetic of your mouth and jaw.

If you suffer from periodontal or gum disease, and you’ve tried multiple treatments with little to no success, Ozone Therapy might be the treatment for you. Ozone therapy is used as an antibacterial treatment for oral infections. When used accordingly, Ozone Therapy can help to kill up to 99% of bacteria in the mouth.

We treat patients throughout the Montclair area that are struggling with periodontal disease and provide a variety of treatment solutions to help combat the symptoms and heal the gums. LANAP® laser surgery is a revolutionary gum disease treatment that does not involve making any mouth cuts. As such, many patients — especially those with dental anxieties — opt for LANAP laser surgery instead of traditional gum surgery.

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We believe in treating the whole body, not just your mouth, teeth and gums. We understand the importance of providing each patient with the personalized treatment they deserve.