11 Benefits of a New Smile: Full Mouth Reconstruction

A smile is the most important factor in how others perceive you. If your mouth looks crooked or your teeth are stained, this can be a huge turn-off for those around you. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the look of your mouth and teeth with modern techniques like Full Mouth Reconstruction. This blog post will discuss some of these benefits so that you can make an informed decision about getting a new smile!

Here are 11 benefits you get when you get a Full Month Reconstruction:


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Improved speech and chewing ability 

One of the benefits you get from getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction is that it improves the quality of your speech and chewing ability. When you get a Full Mouth Reconstruction, it typically involves removing any teeth that are problematic (e.g., wisdom tooth) or no longer necessary for chewing food without pain. By getting rid of these problems in your mouth, you can chew food better and speak clearer!

Less gum disease and tooth decay

It’s important to keep your gums healthy and free of any disease. When you have a Full Mouth Reconstruction, it can significantly reduce the risk that gum disease and tooth decay will occur.

Increased self-esteem

You may be wondering what a new smile can do for you. Getting your teeth fixed and reconstructed in the mouth, it will make you feel better about yourself!

When you have a Full Mouth Reconstruction, your mouth is going to look and feel so much better! Your teeth may not be perfect but they will likely be in better condition than before. And when you smile with confidence people are more inclined to enjoy your company.

Studies have shown that people with a healthy mouth and beautifully arranged teeth have less stress, decreased anxiety levels, increased self-esteem. When you feel better about yourself, it will be easier to interact with other people!

Also, studies show that attractive individuals are more likely to get what they want in life; including jobs and relationships. There’s nothing like a new smile to make you feel confident going into interviews or introducing your partner on the first date night with friends. All this due to the increased self-esteem you get with your new smile.

More confidence at work

Smiling can get you a promotion. It’s been shown that people with a higher level of stress are less likely to be successful in their jobs, but those who project positive emotions tend to have better work relationships and get promotions more quickly!

In this day and age, making the right first impression is important. Having beautiful teeth can make you feel confident when networking or meeting new clients at a job interview.

Give yourself the chance for success by allowing your mouth to recover from all its hard labor over time!

Better digestion

Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction can have a significant impact on digestion. With the mouth’s muscles being used less, more blood flows to your stomach, which can improve gut health and help with problems like acid reflux and constipation

A Full Mouth Reconstruction will also drastically reduce any pain you feel in your jaw area or back of the throat when eating! You’ll be able to enjoy food without it feeling like work– just as it should be.

Enhanced mouth hygiene

Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction will allow you to clean your mouth more thoroughly, which will significantly improve the health of both gum tissue and teeth.

Some tooth decay or infected gums may clear up with a Full Mouth Reconstruction as well

Full Mouth Reconstructive surgery removes all cavities from your mouth at once, whereas traditional dental procedures would only address one cavity at a time– making it much easier for bacteria to spread between areas in need of treatment. It also massively reduces pain levels throughout the entire process!

Ability to eat anything

Having crooked and uneven teeth is hard, especially when you can’t even chew the food properly. With a full mouth reconstruction, your teeth will be straightened and aligned so that no more biting or chewing problems are present!

You won’t have to worry about not being able to chew your steak or ice cream because of the new teeth!

You will be able to enjoy all foods with comfort and ease. You can’t do that when you only have partial dentures putting pressure on certain areas in your mouth. With full prosthodontics, eating becomes simpler than ever before.

Natural look

Full Mouth Reconstruction will make your smile naturally looking with the help of cosmetic dentistry. When you have a full mouth reconstruction, your teeth will be aligned and properly positioned to make it look like they were always there!

You won’t have to worry about looking in any mirrors or pictures for awkward smiles because now everyone can see that beautiful natural smile on your face.

Reduced stress

Studies have shown that when we have a smile on our face, it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by an average of 23%. With all that has been going on recently in this world, your mouth can be another thing to worry about.

A full mouth reconstruction will help you rest easier and even take away some anxiety as well!

Smoother jawline

A Full Mouth Reconstruction will give you a smoother jawline because of all the changes it will make in your mouth. With your teeth properly aligned and looking like they are supposed to be there, you can enjoy a more youthful appearance without any dentures or surgery!

Better posture

A Full Mouth Reconstruction is not only going to improve how your smile looks, but also how you stand! The new alignment that has been given while performing this procedure will allow for better communication between the brain and muscles so you don’t slouch anymore – which we have all done at one point or another from time to time. It’s funny what just giving someone back their natural smile can do to transform them into a happier person on the inside as well as out!

There are a lot of known benefits in getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction, the benefits listed above will help you see how this surgery can be a positive change for any type of mouth.

If there are any questions about the procedure that needs to be answered, feel free to contact us and someone will get back to you soon!